My name is Jesse Michener, I am 32 years old and I come from Houston. I am a real estate photographer and I photograph buildings, houses and business spaces. I work with homeowners and real estate companies who want to advertise their properties. I am available for any kind of project that includes photography and real estate. In short, my job consists of capturing the best features of any given property.


It was accidently. I came across a site about the real estate photography and started to think about that job. I always wanted to earn money as a photographer, but I didn’t want to do portrait or wedding photography. I wanted something simple, but yet creative. And that is how I ended up like a real estate photographer. I have my photography practice for 8 years. There are many possibilities that real estate or architectural photographer have.


I love my independence, and I can achieve it with photography. I could be a photographer who works for someone else, but instead I like being on my own. Being an independent artist is definitely harder, but I believe that this is the main reason why am I so successful.


To be a photographer, you don’t need any certificates and degrees because the theory can be learned by yourself. I have a certificate, because at that time when I started with the photography, I thought that I need one, so people would recognize my work. This photography venture has prepared me for running this business, as a real estate photography. Today, all you need patience and the will. You can learn it by yourself.


Real estate photography is great, and I love my job. People think that this type of photography is boring, but they don’t know how much creative you can be. There are many angles, many rooms, details that can be captured with passion. And if you have any affinity for photography and real estate, this could be your dream job.