Metal Roofing in Houston

Houston, we DON’T have a problem!

Being a real-estate photographer, my workplace isn’t bound to a single area. On the contrary, my services are often required a few hundred miles away. This time, I was hired to do a photoshoot of a residence in Houston, Texas. Not only that, I got to have some real models for the shoot! To explain things a bit, since I am a real-estate photographer, my works of art usually include non-moving objects. Although I did a fabulous project in Oklahoma last year, I haven’t had many opportunities to include people into my photos. Primarily because the nature of my job clearly states I only take pictures of houses and apartments. Nevertheless, opportunities like these always teach me I shouldn’t make absolutes.

Even though I have worked with some amazing people while photographing that gorgeous house in Oklahoma, I was well-aware that such professionals are more of an exception than a rule. Luckily, I was met with the same casual, yet professional, individuals. This time, my models were the awesome crew of Anchor Roofing Inc who does roofing repair in Houston.

When I arrived at the scene of the project, I was met with the smile of Mr. Victor, the long-time owner of Anchor Roofing Inc., and the rest of his crew. He explained that the family living here wanted to upgrade their old roof by placing a metal roofing.

Houston itself isn’t located in the Tornado Alley. However, spring supercell thunderstorms have a tendency to bring with them a tornado or two. Their old roof was deteriorating fast, so they wanted to prevent any more damage.

Since the guys and I started working on the same day, I managed to snap a few picture of the roof before the makeover started. On the outside, the roof itself seemed fine, but the real problem was unveiled after it was disassembled. The plywood base of the previous roof was in such a bad shape it had to be taken apart step by step. I was pretty taken aback, thinking the deadline would have to be extended, but for Mr. Victor and his crew, this was an expected situation. Switching to plan B, the entire plywood base was taken care of in a single day. In the next few days, with careful planning, the crew was divided into two sections. One units’ task was to secure the roof with plywood boards, while the other had to install metal roofing. It was astonishing to observe such a task being performed. As the next few days passed on, the roof started to shine. And by that I mean literally, shine. Although metal roofing isn’t the prettiest princess in the world of roofing materials, the sun proved me wrong, once again. The reflection of the sun on the finished roof made it look as if there was an entire sun hidden in the house’s attic. The general idea of the house changed, it became a beacon of light somehow, without a border between the roof and the sky.

Advantages of metal roofing

In the end, for all of you amateurs, who like me, have no idea why metal roofing is such a good choice in Texas, Mr. Victor once again delivers. Being a roofing contractor here in Houston for almost 20 years, Victor was kind enough to explain the main advantages of installing metal roofing. First of all, metal roofing can last up to a century! Not only that, installers provide a 50-year warranty! Now how’s that for longevity? Since it doesn’t seem that eco-friendly, and since Houston is considered to be one of the most polluted cities in the US, I wasn’t quite sure this roof is that good of a solution. I was wrong! It would appear metal roofing consists of a high percentage of recycled material. Not only that, Victor explained how this type of metal roofing reflects heat from the building underneath in the summertime, which is a big deal when you consider that the temperature here can rise to 43 °C. Translated into the modern-day language, you can save up to 40% in energy costs in the summer and up to 15% in the winter. This is common knowledge among experienced contractors, but Mr. Victor offers another piece of advice which comes from his 20-year experience. Apparently, re-sealing and insulating air ducts in the attic will save you even more money. When it comes to materials used, one can choose between metal tile sheets, stainless steel, lead, tin, aluminum and copper. On top of that, one can choose the type of coating that comes on top of the metal panels. They can be made of either epoxy or ceramic and can provide waterproofing, reflect heat and prevent rust. To us ladies, the upper side of coatings, besides the obvious one, is the way it makes metal roofing seem more homely.

In any case, this was another mind-blowing experience! I would hereby like to thank Mr Victor, all of you Texans and his crew for being so patient with me, and accepting me into their „territory.“

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