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Living like a real estate photographer is nothing like people imagine it to be. When I tell someone what I do, the majority of them looks at me with a sad look on their face. They usually think it’s either not a stable job or they believe that I get paid nothing. No matter how hard I tried to explain how incredible my job is, people back in my hometown still didn’t get it. Thanks to real estate photography, I’ve been all across the United States. I visited many corners of our country and got to know the beauties many people can’t. As work led me through the country, I started to realize how people in some cities appreciate my work area and my profession way more than they did back home. A little sparkle began to flare in me- a sparkle that told me to move away from my old city to one where my job and myself are appreciated.

It wasn’t until I visited Savannah that I started to think about moving seriously. I wrote an article about my experience in Savannah and even today; it’s one of my favorite cities in the US. I have plenty of beautiful memories in San Antonio, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and other cities, but none of them amazed me like Savannah did. That’s why I started to google more often „Living in Savannah,“ „ Savannah apartments,“ „ What’s like living is Savannah.“  The results I found were just as enthusiastic about the city of Savannah as I was.  I have a few friends living in Savannah, and they were the only one who knew about my idea. This thought of moving lived a bit more inside of me until I finally decided to turn my life around, pay a higher appreciation to my profession and do something for me and my career.

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The only problem was: how to move my things? How to move my equipment safely? How to bring one’s life to another city? I instantly knew that I paid too much money for my photography equipment to break it. So, I googled moving companies with which I had no experience whatsoever- and checked their ratings. There were many moving companies offering this and that and blah and blah, but one of them stood out. Liberty Moves a moving company offering their services in Statesboro, Savannah, Glenville, and Valdosta-  won me over with simplicity. I contacted them, they gave me an instant estimate, provided me with relevant information, we agreed- and that was it. I was moving!

As you, probably, noticed already- I am the most cautious person when it comes to my photography equipment. After all, it’s how I survive. So, it was crucial that my job tools are properly boxed, sealed and marked with red FRAGILE.  Liberty Moves suffered through my constant monologs about my equipment, and no one was rude to me they did exactly as I wanted. My camera, lenses, bags, accessories and so on were safely moved, and none of it broke. Except for those, moving team of Liberty Moves moved my other things correctly as well. My furniture, kitchen gear, my memories and small things I wanted to carry- it was all moved safely, quickly and with no bumps on the road. I can honestly say that I’ve never met such a professional, hardworking and cautious team of workers. These young guys and girls- both on the field and in the office- try hard to satisfy each client and they deserve attention. The way they organize their meetings, the atmosphere they offer- it’s amazing. They are approachable and polite|2

A want to give a big shout out to Liberty Moves, a top Savannah GA movers company, for helping me start a new chapter of my life.

Contact info

Liberty Moves

22 W. Bryan St.
Savannah GA, 31405

Phone: (912) 200-5075
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM
Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards and Checks

Service are: Savannah, Bloomingdale, Garden, Pooler, Port Wentworth, Thunderbolt, Montgomery, Georgetown, Richmond Hill, Wilmington Island and Skidaway Island.

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