Real Estate Photography Guide


Photography has always been important for the real estate industry. Great news for many photographers. Here, in the text below you can find the guide for making the perfect real estate photography.


Camera, tripod, and lens are required equipment, but many professionals are using Photoshop techniques and supplemental lighting, your camera should allow you adding the flash, wireless triggers, and different lenses. The lenses help you avoiding the vertical line like the door frames and wall edges. The shooting techniques vary from HDR, exposure blending, and HDR. A cable release, the cameras self-timer guarantee you no movement.


The first image that buyers see is the exterior photo of the properties. That photo is very important, so take the time to find the perfect light and the best angle. Buyers usually want to see photos of the landscaping and gardens, decks or patios, the front and the rear and other outbuildings. Each photo should include the beautiful gardens and the surroundings.


The best time to make a photoshoot is early in the morning or at late day. Photos of houses in the sunrise or sunset can look beautiful. In the winter, you can photograph the property from the same end where the sun is, to avoid the sun hitting. Shooting on poor days is not the best choice, so the best is to wait for sunny days.


Homes come in many sizes, shapes, conditions and sizes. The best is to tell your client to prepare the home interior for the photo session. You will need to take photos of the main rooms, like the kitchen, dining area, master bedroom, bath and other rooms. Every room needs to be photographed.


Finding a good exposure is hard, but you can deal with the contrast in many ways. You can shoot the doors, windows. For the best result, you can make a photo shoot during the midday. Interior brightness can be increased with lights.


After you did a photo shoot, you can show the images to the clients. They may have different preferences, so the best is to consult with them. Save all your photos in a proper file format. Photoshop is a tool which can help you a lot, so use it.


You aren’t photographing for yourself, you are doing it for your clients, so you need to be professional. You don’t need all the best gear. Master the creative photography that includes perspectives, angles, and compositions.  Be careful when processing the images of the real estates. There are a lot of techniques and styles and the best is to master them all